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Ronald Floyd Garrison was born on August 22, 1968 is the city of Gary, Indiana to Darlene Alice Garrison and Arthur F Garrison. He has one brother, Scott A Garrison and one son Zachary W. Garrison.

He lives in South Haven Indiana with his Fiancée & Soulmate Latisha Swier, they are currently planning a Wedding.

Ronald Garrison has worked in the computer industry since early 1982 while still attending high school. Ron has experience in multiple operating systems and computer coding languages including html, java, C++, Cobol and Fortran. He is a Senior Systems Engineer with a large Health Care Technology firm.…


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2018 brings in a new and exciting opportunity to give back to our veterans in need.  Our attention will focus on those who have been previously homeless for at least a year and are permanently disabled in our very own community.

 It is our goal this year to give them the things most needed.   We will also include a Christmas drive to make the holidays extra special.

After a very successful project to adopt veterans at the Lafayette facility for Christmas in 2017 we realized many veterans need help all year long in our very own Northwest Indiana community.

We are collecting non- perishable items and food for the 44 veterans at NWI Veterans Village in Gary Indiana.  So far, we have only met a few of the residents but they have been very grateful for everything we were able to take.  After the tour of the home we realized they are truly in need of the basic necessities we all take for granted.

They have a beautiful building with small apartments which is wonderful, but many have no income at all.  Only food stamps which does not buy much at today's prices.  It does not buy paper products, laundry supplies or hygiene products.

Our goal is to give something back to those who gave their all to serve their country.

History behind Us

After losing her husband to brain cancer, Heidi Harman wanted to give his clothing to a cause that she knew would appreciate them.  Not to sell them for profit was her desire.  We called many charities; none were even interested in them since so much had been donated to the hurricane victims.

We were unsure if the Indiana Veterans Home was a possible place until we called and it was verified they would definitely want them.  Her SUV was loaded and off we went to give them to the home.

Upon arrival we noticed a sincere and caring air about the employees thereWe felt their love of the residents and were very grateful for the donations.  Not one thing gave us that feeling, many things did.  The look in their eyes, how they spoke of the veterans; how much they needed these items and more.  This gave us a sense of how caring these people were.  And how well cared for the residents were.

On our way home we both felt we needed to do more for them.  The idea formed and we decided we wanted to make their Christmas special this year.   As we talked about that concept we were certain we both wanted the same thing so the idea was born…  We would adopt veterans to make their Christmas very merry this year.  My husband, Henry Osika, was there every step of the way doing his part.

It was not the easiest task to start out with just an idea and making it happen.  With little time and experience we had to “wing it” as they say.  Lists were made, creating the bags and tags, phone calls, emails, and shopping…lots of shopping.  It was a 12 hour day for me most of the time.  Some days it was very stressful but somehow I managed to get everything done, updated lists and keeping track of everyone who was adopted and by whom.

It was worth every moment spent on this project.  Every frustration, every challenge, every one of those 217 gift bags that had to be accounted for was worth it.  Every time we wrapped gifts, every tag we made, all for the veterans made our hearts feel so warm.  Giving Christmas to them with gratitude for their service and sacrifice cannot repay them for what they did to keep us free, but at least they will know we do appreciate them.